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This is what you should pack when hiking in Norway

This really depends on if you are going hiking in the summertime or wintertime. In the winter Norwegians usually ski instead of hiking. Norwegians love hiking and it doesn’t matter if it rains, snows or it’s burning hot outside.


Because the Norwegian winter is so cold you should have:

– Water, you can never have enough

– Food, things you can warm up and things you can just take out of your backpack and quickly eat

– Warm clothes, mittens, a hat, a warm jacket, trekking trousers, a scarf, good shoes

– Something hot to drink, hot chocolate, Tea, coffee

– Extra clothes because you may get wet and it’s important to change if that happens

– Always have your phone with you if something happens and you need help

– First aid kit, alway important to have

– A good mood, in Norway its a saying, “ut på tur aldri sur” and it means, on a hike never in a bad mood.


it’s a lot of the same things but it’s important to know what to pack either way.

– a change of clothes, if you get wet you can change your clothes instead of walking in wet clothes.

– water, alway important!

– A lot of food

– A phone so you can contact someone if you’re in trouble

– First aid kit

– Comfortable shoes

– Good mood!

And of course all of these can you bring in the spring and fall. You should hike with someone, but if you like hiking alone always stay safe. The nature in Norway isn’t that dangerous, but things that you didn’t expect can happen.

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