About Norway

Some facts about Norway

There is so much interesting facts about the small country called Norway. Norway is in Scandinavia and borders East towards Sweden, Finland and Russia. Norway is sparsely populated and has a population of around 5.3 million people.

Norway is a country with many forests, mountains and Fjords.

Norwegians love skiing and hiking, so if you are going to travel to Norway you should also try.


In Norway they speak Norwegian, (Bokmål or Nynorsk). One thing I find very interesting about the language is that Norwegians, Danes and Swedes can understand each other. If we speak slowly and very clearly we can have a normal conversation.


Norway is also one of the richest countries in the world. The Norwegian currency is NOK, (Kroner). This is mostly because we have very much oil. That also means that things in Norway is very expensive, so I would not recommend going on a shopping spree because your money will go quickly.

Swedes and Norwegians

There is a inside joke in Norway where Norwegians make fun of Swedes because they are “stupid”. For example the off button on a pc in Norway is called the Swedish button.

Norwegians just like to make fun of every thing Swedes do.

Norwegians are not rude

If you have read many articles about Norway you have probably heard that Norwegians like their personal space. It’s not that we are rude or anything it’s just that we respect each other and Norwegians is not a very big fan of small talk.

This is what you should pack when hiking in Norway

This really depends on if you are going hiking in the summertime or wintertime. In the winter Norwegians usually ski instead of hiking. Norwegians love hiking and it doesn’t matter if it rains, snows or it’s burning hot outside.


Because the Norwegian winter is so cold you should have:

– Water, you can never have enough

– Food, things you can warm up and things you can just take out of your backpack and quickly eat

– Warm clothes, mittens, a hat, a warm jacket, trekking trousers, a scarf, good shoes

– Something hot to drink, hot chocolate, Tea, coffee

– Extra clothes because you may get wet and it’s important to change if that happens

– Always have your phone with you if something happens and you need help

– First aid kit, alway important to have

– A good mood, in Norway its a saying, “ut på tur aldri sur” and it means, on a hike never in a bad mood.


it’s a lot of the same things but it’s important to know what to pack either way.

– a change of clothes, if you get wet you can change your clothes instead of walking in wet clothes.

– water, alway important!

– A lot of food

– A phone so you can contact someone if you’re in trouble

– First aid kit

– Comfortable shoes

– Good mood!

And of course all of these can you bring in the spring and fall. You should hike with someone, but if you like hiking alone always stay safe. The nature in Norway isn’t that dangerous, but things that you didn’t expect can happen.

Things To Do In Norway

There are many thing to do in Norway, for example hiking, skiing and go to amusement parks. There is some places that you just can’t find anywhere else and I highly recommend you going there.

Hiking in Norway can you all year around, and if you’re going to hike in the winter time you can go skiing instead. Skiing is something Norwegians love to do. They usually take with them a Norwegian chocolate called Kvikk lunsj, they also take with them hot chocolate and sausage that they grill on a fire.

There are many different things to see in the capital of Norway, Oslo. There are museums, parks shopping malls and much more.

If you are going to travel to Norway and is near the coast you can go fishing. Fishing is really popular in Norway, that is probably because there is so much fish there. You can also travel with boats to different places in Norway.

There are not that many amusement parks in Norway but there are some and they do I highly recommended visiting. There are one in Oslo that is called Tusenfryd, that is the most popular amusement park in Norway. There are some amusement parks here and there.

This is one of the most popular rides in Tusenfryd. It’s called spinspider.

In Oslo there is one super popular park that is really famous for it’s statues. It’s called Vigelandsparken.

There is great interest in the old Viking culture in Norway, and in several places in the country you can live as a Viking, go on a Viking tour or visit a Viking museum.

10 Random fun facts about Norway

There is some very interesting things about Norway that not many people know about, even many Norwegians don’t know these.

1. Salmon sushi is Norwegian

In the early 1980s, Norwegian exporters introduced salmon sushi to Japanese sushi chefs, but it did not become particularly popular until the mid-1990s.

2. Norway has won the most medals in winter ol

Norway has won 329 medals. The US has 281, Austria 218 and Germany 209. Denmark has just 1.

3. Beds and closets in IKEA is named after places in Norway

If you can’t travel to Norway you can at least buy a bed that is named after a place want to go to.

4. The word fuck is Norwegian

Fuck comes from the Old Norwegian Fukka, which meant having sex.

5. It’s more people in Norway that speaks English than Canada

89 percent of Norwegians speak English. And for Canada it’s 86 percent.

6. The skateboard was illegal in Norway in the 80’s

7. Norway has the longest road/tunnel.

The Lærdatunnellen is 24.5 kilometers long. The longest tunnel in the world is the Delaware Aqueduct which is 137,000 meters.

8. Norway has the most expensive gas prices

Petrol prices in Norway are the highest in the entire world. The cost is estimated at US $ 9.79 per gallon of gasoline. However, Norway exports gas in large quantities.

9. The official language in Norway is Norwegian

Norway’s official language is Norwegian. Norwegian is written in two official forms, Bokmål or Nynorsk.

10. Norwegians drink the most coffee

Coffee is the first non-alcoholic drink in Norway. Experts estimate that coffee was used in Norway about 280 years ago, but it was not until the 1870s that coffee was legally accepted in the nation.

The most delicious food to try in Norway

Norwegian food is something you have to try at least once in your life. It is so delicious and it’s so much different kinds of dishes to chose from.


You should really try to eat some fish dishes in Norway. Because fish in Norway is very popular and it’s so much of it. Norway is known for its fish. I recommend salmon and cod. It’s usually served with potatoes and vegetables.

This is salmon with potatoes and lemons.

Brown cheese

Yes, in Norway there is something called brown cheese. Brown cheese is made of goat milk. You usually put it on bread, waffles or pancakes. And you usually use the cheese slicer when you slice cheese, the cheese slicer is a Norwegian invention.

Here you also can see a cheese slicer.


Something you have to eat is Norwegian candy. Norwegian chocolate is one of my favorites. But you find so much different things. Norway also have some candy that you can get in the states to, so if you get homesick if you travel here, you can buy Pringle’s, Oreos and many more.

This is the most popular chocolate company in Norway.

Traditional food

Norway has many food realated to traditions. Like on christmas, we eat something called Ribbe. That is pig ribs made in a spacial way. Some norwegians also eat Pinnekjøtt on christmas. Pinnekjøtt is made of sheep. On Easter we often eat lamb.

This is ribbe
And this is pinnekjøtt

Common Norwegian Stereotypes

What is a stereotype

a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing.

Norwegian stereotypes

  • Norwegian men are all 6’+ tall blonde “vikings” with a body-shape that makes it necessary to go sideways to pass trough doors.
  • Norwegians are shy or cold towards strangers and difficult to get to know.
  • We’re all very rich.
  • All Norwegians have blonde hair and blue eyes.
  • Norwegians are born with skis on our legs. We do not have summer, just 3 months of bad ski-conditions every year.
  • Europeans, including fellow Scandinavians, often hold Norwegians to the “noble savage” archetype: Strong but comically ignorant, with simple tastes, goodhearted and fair but dangerous when angry.

Norwegian Inventions

Paper clip

Norway’s perhaps best-known invention is at the same time the most overrated. The famous little thing is not particularly Norwegian.

The Norwegian Johan Vaaler did indeed get a patent on a paper clip, but it was so impractical that it was never put into production. And there were already far better versions of it in other countries.

Bilderesultat for binders norsk

cheese slicer

The cheese slicer is a Norwegian invention, patented by carpenter Thor Bjørklund from Lillehammer in 1925 and put into production in 1927.

Bjørklund was annoyed about how difficult it was to cut the cheese well when using a knife, so he invented the slicer based on a regular joiner’s knife.

Bilderesultat for ostehøvel

Spray box

Groundbreaking principle researched in a laboratory by the paint manufacturer Alf Bjercke in 1926.

Perhaps the invention of Norwegian origin that has sold most worldwide.

Bilderesultat for sprayboks


With a groundbreaking invention from 1903, Birkeland and Eyde managed to produce nitrogen oxides from the air using electricity on an industrial scale.

They thus helped to produce the world’s first nitrogen fertilizer.

The invention formed the basis for Norsk Hydro and has helped the world get more food.

Bilderesultat for fertilizer

Norwegian Fjords

When you ask people from abroad what they most associate with Norway, there is a great chance that you will get the answer “fjords”. The Norwegian fjords are some of what Norway is best known for. Our fjords vary in many ways – in size, length, depth and more. But common to all is that they offer visitors their own natural and unique beauty.

Bilderesultat for fjords

What is a fjord?

A fjord is a deep, narrow and elongated sea or lakes with steep land on three sides. The opening out to the sea is called the fjord’s mouth and is often due. The inner part of the fjord is called the fjord bottom. If the corn is wider than it is long, it is a bay.

The fjords have been formed by gigantic ice cubes having formed the landscape through several ice ages. A fjord is thus a U-shaped underwater valley, and in Western Norway, this valley is often surrounded by a dramatic mountain landscape.

List of Fjords in Norway

Sognefjorden – 204 km
Hardangerfjorden – 183 km
Trondheimsfjorden – 126 km
Porsangerfjorden – 123 km
Lyngen – 121 km
Oslofjorden – 118 km
Kvænangen – 117 km
Ullsfjorden – 110 km
Nordfjord – 106 km
Varangerfjorden – 95 km

Bilderesultat for fjords

The Laws In Norway

The Norwegian Law is a Norwegian, one-legged printed law collection published from 1926 to 2019. The book has a recognizable red-colored binding and published by The Faculty of Law at the University of Oslo. Norway has many laws that are different from for example the USA, some are stricter and some are freer.

  • The legal age to drink is 18, but if the alcahol prosentage is over 22% the age limit is 20.
  • It follows from section 234 and 235 of the Penal Code that it is illegal to manufacture, introduce, carry out, store, send or overdose which is regarded as doping agents.
  • You can get your linsene at the age of 18, but you can get a moped linsens when you are 16.
  • As a tax resident in Norway, you pay tax on the income you have earned during a calendar year. You are liable to pay for salaries and other income, such as interest income, income from rental of property and income from shares. The legal age to drink is 18, but if the alcahol prosentage is over 22% the age limit is 20.
  • In Norway, there are 10 years of obligatory primary school: 7 years at primary school and 3 years at secondary school. Then it is common with at least 3 years in high school.The legal age to drink is 18, but if the alcahol prosentage is over 22% the age limit is 20.
  • In general, you must be at least 13 years old to take a job. There is lower than that, but then your parents and the Labor Inspectorate must give their consent. One operates with three age limits for different jobs (13, 15 and 18 years). The legal age to drink is 18, but if the alcahol prosentage is over 22% the age limit is 20.
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Places To Visit in Norway

There are many places to visit in Norway for example museums, fjords, nature, and shopping centers. One thing that I recommend is to see Norwegian nature in different places in Norway.

Shopping Centers

Oslo city

jessheim centre


Bergen centre

Strømmen centre


Vikingsshipshuset- in Oslo

Eidsvoll 1814- in Eidsvoll

historcal museums- in oslo

Norwegian rail road museum- Hamar

Parks and Nature


oslo reptile park

Northen light hunt

Dogslegde tour

If you want to know more about restaurants click here: https://www.visitoslo.com/en/articles/norwegian-restaurants/

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