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Different mall’s and stores in Norway!

Like every country there are some iconic stores that everyone goes to to shop or just hang out. From small random stores by the road or big malls that people get lost.

I’m going to introduce some of the most popular stores and shopping malls that you have to visit when you are in Norway.


I’m going to start with the most popular and probably the most recognizable store. Kiwi is a grocery store that sells food. It’s the most popular grocery store in Norway. It’s totally green inside and all the staff also wear green uniforms. You can spot a worker from miles away.

Rema 1000

On to another grocery store, basically it’s a store that sells the same things as Kiwi, but Rema 1000 has its own business of food. in some places Rema has a meat disk that sells sea food and different type of meat. Rema is also one of the most popular stores.

Jessheim storsenter

Let’s move on to something more exciting, Jessheim is a big shopping mall. It has many clothing stores, grocery stores, restaurants, cafes and many more. This is a place you can walk in forever and just look around. Well most people visit to buy clothing because it’s so many clothing stores there.

Strømmen storsenter

If you have been to Jessheim and thought that was big you would be surprised when visiting here. It’s so big and you could get lost so fast and you walk around for so long and then discover that you have only walked on the first floor. There are a ton of malls there that if I would have listed all of them it would take a hundred years. This is a place you should go with friends.

There is a lot more stores and malls, but some of them is in other countries and is very popular. Like it’s not necessary for me to mention Mc Donald’s, Burger King and H&M.

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