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How did Norway handle COVID-19?

March 12th, shut the prime minister of Norway the country down. All schools and most workplaces shut down like many other countries. By the 16th of March was the amount of people infected over 3000.

This is the prime minister of Norway, Erna Solberg

In this period was there a 2 meter rule that was later changed at the end of quarantine to 1 meter. Rules was loosened up when the amount of infected decreased.

You were advised to stay home at all times and don’t meet up with anyone. If you were to go outside to the mall or public places, was there always hand sanitizer at every entrance. Strips on the ground was placed to show how much 1 meter was.

The people working either had to change their routine completely, like work from home or getting off work completely.

Some rules we had to follow was these three things:

• Stay home if you feel sick

• Stay 1 meter away from each other

• Wash your hands regularly

These still count to this day, but is a lot more looser than before. It all was kinda loose in comparison of America. We had no rules with masks and other stuff like that. But that don’t mean we didn’t take it seriously.

For my personal experience I had to have online school like every other person. In Norway we used this Microsoft app called teams. Personally I had no complains about online school but I heard many of my classmates hated it very much.

On the 11th of may some of the schools and work places started opening again. We had to take many precautions but it eventually worked out. Now almost every thing is opened and functioning like normal. For me we couldn’t have a normal graduation, but we did get something similar.

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