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Things To Do In Norway

There are many thing to do in Norway, for example hiking, skiing and go to amusement parks. There is some places that you just can’t find anywhere else and I highly recommend you going there.

Hiking in Norway can you all year around, and if you’re going to hike in the winter time you can go skiing instead. Skiing is something Norwegians love to do. They usually take with them a Norwegian chocolate called Kvikk lunsj, they also take with them hot chocolate and sausage that they grill on a fire.

There are many different things to see in the capital of Norway, Oslo. There are museums, parks shopping malls and much more.

If you are going to travel to Norway and is near the coast you can go fishing. Fishing is really popular in Norway, that is probably because there is so much fish there. You can also travel with boats to different places in Norway.

There are not that many amusement parks in Norway but there are some and they do I highly recommended visiting. There are one in Oslo that is called Tusenfryd, that is the most popular amusement park in Norway. There are some amusement parks here and there.

This is one of the most popular rides in Tusenfryd. It’s called spinspider.

In Oslo there is one super popular park that is really famous for it’s statues. It’s called Vigelandsparken.

There is great interest in the old Viking culture in Norway, and in several places in the country you can live as a Viking, go on a Viking tour or visit a Viking museum.

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