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10 Random fun facts about Norway

There is some very interesting things about Norway that not many people know about, even many Norwegians don’t know these.

1. Salmon sushi is Norwegian

In the early 1980s, Norwegian exporters introduced salmon sushi to Japanese sushi chefs, but it did not become particularly popular until the mid-1990s.

2. Norway has won the most medals in winter ol

Norway has won 329 medals. The US has 281, Austria 218 and Germany 209. Denmark has just 1.

3. Beds and closets in IKEA is named after places in Norway

If you can’t travel to Norway you can at least buy a bed that is named after a place want to go to.

4. The word fuck is Norwegian

Fuck comes from the Old Norwegian Fukka, which meant having sex.

5. It’s more people in Norway that speaks English than Canada

89 percent of Norwegians speak English. And for Canada it’s 86 percent.

6. The skateboard was illegal in Norway in the 80’s

7. Norway has the longest road/tunnel.

The Lærdatunnellen is 24.5 kilometers long. The longest tunnel in the world is the Delaware Aqueduct which is 137,000 meters.

8. Norway has the most expensive gas prices

Petrol prices in Norway are the highest in the entire world. The cost is estimated at US $ 9.79 per gallon of gasoline. However, Norway exports gas in large quantities.

9. The official language in Norway is Norwegian

Norway’s official language is Norwegian. Norwegian is written in two official forms, Bokmål or Nynorsk.

10. Norwegians drink the most coffee

Coffee is the first non-alcoholic drink in Norway. Experts estimate that coffee was used in Norway about 280 years ago, but it was not until the 1870s that coffee was legally accepted in the nation.

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