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The most delicious food to try in Norway

Norwegian food is something you have to try at least once in your life. It is so delicious and it’s so much different kinds of dishes to chose from.


You should really try to eat some fish dishes in Norway. Because fish in Norway is very popular and it’s so much of it. Norway is known for its fish. I recommend salmon and cod. It’s usually served with potatoes and vegetables.

This is salmon with potatoes and lemons.

Brown cheese

Yes, in Norway there is something called brown cheese. Brown cheese is made of goat milk. You usually put it on bread, waffles or pancakes. And you usually use the cheese slicer when you slice cheese, the cheese slicer is a Norwegian invention.

Here you also can see a cheese slicer.


Something you have to eat is Norwegian candy. Norwegian chocolate is one of my favorites. But you find so much different things. Norway also have some candy that you can get in the states to, so if you get homesick if you travel here, you can buy Pringle’s, Oreos and many more.

This is the most popular chocolate company in Norway.

Traditional food

Norway has many food realated to traditions. Like on christmas, we eat something called Ribbe. That is pig ribs made in a spacial way. Some norwegians also eat Pinnekjøtt on christmas. Pinnekjøtt is made of sheep. On Easter we often eat lamb.

This is ribbe
And this is pinnekjøtt

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